Application for Performing
in a Masterclass

Please provide your personal details to complete registration. We will notify you by phone/email if you are selected to perform in your chosen masterclass.

Masterclass Student Tuition Fee

Orchestra Masterclass by Staatskapelle Dresden

$8,000 – Group of 90 pax
Including conductor and staff.
(Fee included 50 membership of 2014/15 Young Friends )  

1. Please select the Masterclass you would like to perform in
2. Details of programme you would like to perform (Max. 30mins for Vocal and Violin masterclass, max. 20 mins for Orchestra masterclass)
3. Contact Details
a. Surname
b. Given Name
c. Chinese Name (Optional)
d. Gender (M/F)
e. Age/D.O.B. (Optional)
f. Mobile
g. Email address
h. Re-enter email address
4. Music Experience
b. Exam board used
c. Music achievements
(e.g.: competitions, solo performances, scholarships, orchestral posts)
d. On-line video link of performance
(Max. 5 mins)
e. Personal statement (Optional)
Please tell us about yourself/your group, your aspiration and goals and how you/your group would benefit from taking part in the Masterclass.
5. CV/Bio attached
(Jpg or PDF format only, file not bigger than 2MB)
6. Teacher's recommendation letter attached (Optional) (Jpg or PDF format only, file not bigger than 2MB)

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